'Blue Whale Challenge' Claims AP Student's Life In US

Hyderabad: In a shocking turn of events the "Blue Whale challenge" has been linked to a 20-year-old Indian student's death in the United States.

According to several media reports, the Indian from the state of Andhra Pradesh was a first year student at the Massachusetts University and was found dead in March this year. Sources state that it has emerged in the subsequent reports that the death is linked to Blue Whale Challenge.

However, a spokesperson for the Bristol County District Attorney has said that the case is being looked at as a suicide, stated the reports.

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

The internet Phenomenon that rocked the countries across the globe dates back to 2015.

It all started when a Russian teenager before committing suicide posted a selfie video with a caption 'nya bye'. But it was only in 2016 when a Russian Journalist published an article about the death groups inciting the challenge which claimed the lives of almost 130 teenagers.

The Blue whale challenge is a social media challenge like any other but has dangerous tasks which usually end up with a suicide.

The challenge involves 50 tasks each for one day and at the last day the contender should commit suicide as the last task.

Interestingly, no reported death due to this challenge has been proved anywhere in the world.

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