Authorities Emphasizes On NOC For Borewell To Avoid Repeat Of Lachyan Incident

Vijayapura DC Emphasizes On Stricter Implementation Of Norms For Borewell Drilling To Avoid Accidents

In a bid to prioritize public safety, Deputy Commissioner T. Bhoobalan has emphasized the necessity of obtaining a no-objection certificate (NOC) from local authorities before drilling borewells.

Conducting an emergency video conference on Friday with officials, the Deputy Commissioner stressed the imperative of seeking permission before initiating borewell drilling activities in villages, towns, or cities. This directive aims to prevent future incidents similar to the recent incident at Lachyan of Indi Taluk where a toddler was trapped in an open borewell. The boy was rescued after the 20-hour-long operation.

While steps have been initiated to pursue legal action against the agency that drilled the borewell in Lachyan, the district administration has initiated various measures to ensure such incidents do not repeat.

The Deputy Commissioner instructed HESCOM officials not to provide electricity connections to borewells lacking an NOC in the forthcoming days.

He underscored the importance of raising awareness by installing signboards emphasizing the necessity of safe closure of borewells, whether successful or failed.

"A government circular regarding borewell safety is already in existence, and it must be enforced diligently. Gram panchayat officers, secretaries, and village accountants must adhere to these directives. In the event of non-compliance leading to any mishaps, these officials will be directly held accountable, potentially facing departmental disciplinary measures," the DC cautioned.

He said that, within a week, comprehensive information regarding government-operated borewells in the district, including operational status and those undergoing repairs, must be provided.

Addressing reporters, Bhoobalan highlighted the shared responsibility of the public in ensuring the closure of open borewells.

"Every operation doesn't culminate in success akin to Sathwik's rescue. Only a fraction yield positive outcomes. Thus, it falls upon the farmers and the public to ensure the safety of their borewells. A government circular underscores this responsibility, and henceforth, its guidelines will be rigorously enforced," he said.

"Directives have been issued to pursue legal action against the agency that dug the borewell in Lachyan," he added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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