Assam Principal's Family Members Shocked, Hurt Over Assailant Student's Behaviour

Vijayawada: The family members of the private junior college principal Bezawada Rajesh Babu, who was stabbed to death by his student in Assam on Saturday, are in a state of deep shock. The last rites of Rajesh Babu were performed in Ongole on Monday.

They expressed concern over the attitude of the assailant, who went live on social media after the murder and asked for ‘likes’ and called the police in to arrest him.

Speaking to the media at Ongole on Tuesday, the family members recounted the series of events at the college, based on information they received from there.

They said, "At about 11.30am, the Maths lecturer complained to the principal about the first inter student, that he was not studying well and not behaving in the classroom. The principal called the student and reprimanded him. He asked the boy to enter the class only after bringing his parents to the college so as to brief them.'

"Around 3.30pm, the principal arrived at the classroom to teach chemistry. The errant student was also seen in the classroom. The principal asked him why he did so without bringing his parents."

"At this, the student pulled out a knife and stabbed the principal in his chest, head and nose. Shocked at it, other students came to the rescue of the principal but they too were attacked with the knife, causing them minor injuries."

"Later, the student came down from the first floor and entered the principal’s office room on the ground floor, sat on his chair and started live chatting on Instagram, claiming that he stabbed the principal and asked them to share Likes."

The family members said the student was fatherless and was being taken care of by his mother. Rajesh Babu had helped the student after finding that he was weak in Maths. The student was also having some health issues, for which counselling had been given to him. The principal had even dropped the student at home in his car several times.

Rajesh Babu’s family members raised doubts on the mental state of the student at the time of the murder and pleaded for an inquiry to ascertain whether the student was addicted to drugs or had a criminal background.

The deceased’s family thanked the college management for promptly completing all the formalities and sending the principal’s body to Ongole. Rajesh Babu was survived by wife Aparna, a son and a daughter.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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