ASR Agency Areas Shiver As Mercury Dips

Visakhapatnam: The biting cold winds brought by a sudden temperature drop have gripped the agency areas of Visakhapatnam's ASR district, sending the mercury plummeting by a chilly 4 degree C in key locations like Lambasingi, Chintapalli, Madugula, and Paderu.

Lambasingi, the "Queen of Hills," bore the brunt of the freeze, recording a bone-chilling 12.5 degree C on Monday, a stark contrast to its 16 degree C warmth just three days ago. This dramatic shift ushered in a wave of bone-chilling cold, enveloping the hamlets in a dense fog that persisted from afternoon till the following morning. The thick blanket of mist even disrupted road traffic on the ghat roads in Paderu and Chintapalli, making for a truly picturesque, albeit somewhat treacherous, landscape.
However, the frigid temperatures haven't deterred enthusiastic tourists from flocking to the region. Popular destinations like Araku Valley, Lambasingi, Ananthagiri, Paderu, and Chintapalli continue to see a steady stream of visitors eager to experience the unique charm of a winter wonderland in the hills.
"Last weekend, we had over 50,000 visitors," exclaimed Appala Naidu, manager of APTDC Lambasingi, "and even now, we have around 2,000 tourists comfortably lodged in APTDC and private cottages." The same enthusiasm is evident in other tourist hotspots like Borra Cave, Vanjangi, and Ananthagiri, proving that even the coldest weather can't dampen the spirit of adventure.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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