Another Person Dies in Guntur, Officials Deny Diarrhoea Caused Death

Vijayawada: Another person, identified as Shaik Iqbal (35) of Railpeta in Guntur, has died of diarrhoea in the city. However, officials of the Guntur Municipal Corporation (GMC) have denied that the death is due to diarrhoea.

“The person died due to chicken pox,” a GMC official stated.

Guntur city mayor Kavati Siva Naga Manohar Naidu underlined that the corporation is providing clean drinking water to the people of Guntur. They must not panic.

“Some newspapers are publishing false news in order to benefit politically,” the mayor maintained, addressing a press conference jointly with GMC commissioner Kirthi Chekuri and deputy mayor Vanama Bala Vajrababu.

The mayor said Iqbal, the person who died on Friday, did not die of diarrhoea. “Doctors of the government hospital said the person had died of severe pneumonia, uncontrolled sugar and chickenpox. It is not appropriate to publish false allegations that Iqbal's death is due to diarrhoea.”

He pointed out that drinking water is provided to people after many tests. More than a thousand chlorine tests are carried out every day.

Commissioner Kirthi said there is turbidity in the water coming from Pulichintala in Prakasam Barrage, which supplies drinking water to Guntur city. In this context, she said all reservoirs in the city are being cleaned, as per the cycle stipulated for cleaning.

Meanwhile, Jana Sena leader Nadendla Manohar visited the hospital and spoke to the victims and doctors. The victims told Manohar that they have been suffering from diarrhoea.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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