Anantapur: Tension at Bathalapalli as rival TD groups clash

Anantapur: A tense situation prevailed at Bathalapalli, where rival TD groups clashed and damaged at least 15 vehicles on Monday.

The party supporters were about to attend the Ra Kadalira programme at Penukonda in Satya Sai district. A difficult situation arose in Dharmavaram, where BJP leader and former MLA G Suryanarayana, a turncoat, was reportedly trying for the TD ticket while the present TD in-charge Paritala Sreeram was boosting the morale of the party in recent days.

Suryanarayana formerly worked as TD MLA but joined the BJP after TD lost power in 2019 polls. He recently started edging closer to TD, hoping to get a TD ticket.

Suryanarayana arranged vehicles for the TD cadres from different parts of the Dharmavaram segment to attend the Penukonda programme.

The Paritala Sreeram group that gathered at Bathalapalli waylaid and attacked these vehicles, saying they have no right to attend the TD meeting after working for the BJP leader in the segment.

A tense situation emerged at Bathalapalli after several vehicles were damaged and the Suryanarayana group men intensified their protest against the Sreeram group. Police intervened and cleared the resultant traffic snarls.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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