AIFUCTO Calls Out NEP Redesigning Curricula to Infiltrate the Ideological Position of the Ruling Dispensation

Hyderabad: Dr J. Ratna Prabhakar, an associate professor of commerce at the Government City College in Nampally, was elected vice president of the All India Federation of University and College Teachers' Organisations (AIFUCTO) during the 33rd statutory conference held in Kanpur from January 19 to 21. Dr Natarajan of Tamil Nadu was elected federation president and Prof. Arunkumar of Bihar general secretary.

A discussion, 'Status of Higher Education in India after Introduction of NEP-2020,' organised during the event saw delegates from different states present their views on the challenges posed by New Education Policy (NEP) to democratic rights, academic autonomy and the service conditions of teachers.

“Since 2020, these aspects have been systematically targeted by the Union government,” the federation said. Despite prayers, petitions, memorandums, and democratic forms of protests, there has been no dialogue with the teachers and other stakeholders.

Delegates raised concerns that, under the cover of NEP, curricula were being redesigned to “infiltrate the ideological position of the ruling dispensation,” potentially threatening the secular fabric of the country. They also said it was a threat to the public-funded education system.

Among the key demands reiterated by the federation were the restoration of the old pension scheme, delinking PhD as a requirement from the career advancement scheme for associate professor and professors, recruitment for teaching and non-teaching posts on a regular and permanent basis. The conference also highlighted the organisation's commitment to improving the service conditions of ad hoc, part-time, guest faculty, block grant teachers across the country.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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