Advocate Seeks Search Warrant for Detained Suspects in Stone Pelting Case

Vijayawada: Advocate Abdus Saleem plans to file a petition in the principal district magistrate court under Section 97 of the CrPC. The petition seeks a court order directing the police to produce the detained suspects, including minors, in the recent stone pelting case before a magistrate.

Saleem argues that detaining suspects for over 24 hours without presenting them before a magistrate violates legal norms. He visited the Ajith Singh Nagar police station and found concerned family members who were unable to locate their detained loved ones. Police at the station refused to disclose the detainees' whereabouts.

Saleem further expresses concern over the alleged detention of minors in police uniforms, which is also against legal guidelines. As 48 hours have passed since the arrests, Saleem intends to file a petition requesting the court to issue a search warrant to ensure the detainees are brought before a magistrate.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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