A Symphony of Time Unveiled at Golconda Fort

Hyderabad: In the heart of the Deccan Plateau, where history echoes through ancient stones, Golconda Fort emerged from the shadows of time on a captivating Wednesday evening. The grand inauguration, orchestrated by Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy, unveiled a mesmerising tale that transcends centuries, as the iconic fortress shed its dated light and sound for a cutting-edge, multisensory experience.

Under the twilight sky, a symphony of sound and light unfolded, each note resonating with the soul. As the sun dipped, Golconda Fort transformed into a living canvas, narrating its 800-year saga through the enchanting language of 3D mapping projection.

The air was filled with the strains of timeless melodies like 'Jung Ki Tayaari', 'Chashme Budoor' and 'Bharat Ki Shaan Golconda' weaving seamlessly into the narrative, transporting the audience to the mediaeval period.

A thunderous voice, accompanied by the flicker of flames, narrated the fort's rich history, each word sending shivers down the spine. The crowd, engrossed and spellbound, lost track of time. The sound of the smallest of fires singeing, and flames dancing in harmony with the narration, created a sensory journey that touched the very essence of the Telugu and Deccan history for the visitors.

Amidst the crowd, claps and whistles punctuated important moments, creating a symphony of appreciation that echoed through the ages. The architectural facade, bathed in warm whites, became a perfect canvas for the storytelling, showcasing Golconda's evolution from its roots in being a 'Gollala Konda' (shepherds' hill) to the colossal fortress it stands as today.

The multilingual narrative, spoken in Telugu, Hindi, and English, meticulously detailed the fort's journey, leaving no stone unturned.

Adding to the magic, the 25 KW solar power system, a testament to sustainability, illuminated the fort's story. Indian Oil Foundation's support in design, funding, and installation ensured this experience became a reality.

As the night unfolded, the fort came alive with lights, colours, and sounds, creating an unparalleled journey through time. People, captivated and transported, found themselves clapping and whistling, losing themselves in the magic of the moment.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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