Purushothapatnam farmers seek CID probe into land compensation issues

They said that though the farmers should have got more than Rs 31 lakh, the TD government reduced the compensation amount to Rs 18 lakh

Kakinada: The enmity between Rajanagaram MLA Jakkampudi Raja and Rajamahendravaram MP Margani Bharat has triggered a war of words even among their followers.

In this context, farmers who are victims of the Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme are urging the government to initiate a CID probe into the land compensation issues.

The farmers like Kondu Rameshbabu, Kondabathula Durgam and others told the media on Thursday that a people’s representative is trying to lure the farmers through his mediators and hatching a conspiracy to cheat the farmers. They said Rajanagaram MLA Raja was trying to do justice to them ever since the time of the last Telugu Desam rule.

They said that though the farmers should have got more than Rs 31 lakh, the TD government reduced the compensation amount to Rs 18 lakh. Then Raja observed an indefinite fast, seeking justice to the farmers, they noted.

Meanwhile, 22 farmers out of 97 aggrieved farmers, seeking a fair compensation to them, approached court.

An allegation went like this: “Some P Deepak entered the scene and promised the farmers a payment of Rs 50 lakh per acre out of which Rs 15 lakh should be given to the People’s Representative, he insisted, and he opened an account in a bank at Rajamahendravaram in a day’s time. He took blank cheques from the farmers. Some of the farmers asked why blank cheques.”

When Bharat organised a media conference at Rajamahendravaram, reporters asked him about the allegations. Bharat said that he did not know what this was all about. He said the farmers met him twice -- but these were at Kadiyam during the election time and the YSR birthday celebrations at Seethanagaram.

Bharat said the BCs would felicitate Rajya Sabha Member Pilli Subhashchandra Bose, MLC Mosenu Raju and other nominated directors for various categories on September 26 at Rajamahendravaram by way of an expression of thanks to Chief Minister for Jagan “giving due importance to the BCs”.

He told the media at Rajamahendravaram on Thursday that 50 per cent nominated posts have been given to the BCs and women by the CM. On the other hand, Chandrababu Naidu had used the BCs as a vote bank and did not give any importance to them, he said.

Bharat said the clashes between him and Rajanagaram MLA would be adjudicated by the YSRC high command. He said he adopted Pottilanka village as it was not developed by others so far. Pottilanka village is dominated by Jana Sena. The YSRC has given a tough fight to the Jana Sena, and the Jana Sena party Sarpanch candidate was defeated in the elections.

Earlier in the day, Bharat organised the Rajanna Rachabanda programme and he promised medical assistance to a three-year-old girl who was suffering from a rare disease.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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