Couple helps children with same congenital condition as their child

The Delhi couple's son Arjunuday was born with congenital defects when they decided to help others

It is always difficult for parents to deal with their child’s deformities, while some give up hope there are many who pick themselves up and move to do better things. A Delhi-based couple faced a similar situation in life but decided to take it a step further and help other children.

In 2006, Rahul and Tulika Verma were sadly told that their son Arjunuday had been born with multiple congenital effects and would require expensive medical treatment. After several months at a local hospital, they shifted him to AIIMS in Delhi and realised the struggled he would go through. There were many patients around him that had to go through treatments but weren’t able to afford nutritious meals to keep them healthy. Rahul then started Uday foundation to provide quality healthcare to underprivileged children who were suffering like his son from multiple deformities.

The foundation has its own ambulance service and most recently gave every child winter wear to be protected from the winter cold. They went a step further by providing blankets and other basic necessities from various impoverished and underprivileged children and people across the city. The family is juggling their duties at home as well as the foundation but believes they are doing it so that others so have to feel they do not have enough.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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