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Painting the eternality of time

Published Aug 31, 2019, 12:27 am IST
Updated Aug 31, 2019, 12:29 am IST
Suresh T.R.(middle) with the artists whose paintings are exhibited at Time after Time
 Suresh T.R.(middle) with the artists whose paintings are exhibited at Time after Time

The paintings by 13 artists displayed at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery may not seem to be sharing any particular theme. However, they vividly capture the eternality of time, which in turn becomes the connection between the paintings. Curated by artist Suresh T.R., the exhibition ‘Time after Time’ tries to decipher time in terms of each moment wherein every second, minute and hour, and seasons that come and go in a set pattern and different ages that have numerous characteristics. Each sub category tries to explain how every action and reaction that generates due to the events that occurred in the past affects our present and therefore, governs our future creating an everlasting impac.

Ask Suresh about the idea behind selecting such a theme and he says, “I don’t think time is even a theme because it is limitless and therefore can’t be contained in a painting. The artists have painted their emotions and feelings on various things that they see around them and have affected them in one or the other way.


While paintings that showcase time as moments are more about the present, paintings that depict the time between various seasons show changes in a bit more elaborate manner. Meanwhile, some artists have also tried to create the bygone era on the canvas and at the same time imagine the future as well, giving time a broader reach.”


Sreekala Naren, one of the artists whose paintings are on display, says that her creation is about how times have changed and people who say that the society is not an appropriate place for even small girls are not capable of keeping their daughters secure even in their own houses. “My painting is that of a small girl who has the body of a woman that is fully bandaged and the face of a little girl. The bandages represent the boundaries set for a girl in our society,” she adds.

Other paintings include Kadavilude and Ormacheppu by Shalini Ramdas, Sacred Sparkle by Ganga Suresh, The Wait by Satish Menon, Kunnolam Kinavu by Doyil Joy, and Aluva Arch Bridge and Ancherimattam by Anitha Swaroop and Kalabham by Vishnu Jayakrishnan. Unlike others, artist Prashanth’s paintings are on the temples of Hampi, the inspiration for which was the extent of negligence that has destroyed one of the finest architectural marvels of the world.

The exhibition will go on till Sunday. The gallery will be open from 11 am to 7 pm.



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