Size 10 beauty queen hands back crown after being told to lose weight

Zoiey Smale chose to take a stand instead of bow down.

A size 10 beauty queen in the UK handed back her crown after being told she couldn't compete at an international level because she was too fat.

28-year-old Zoiey Smale, from Nottinghamshire won Miss United Continents in June 2017, the Daily Mail reported.

After she won the UK round, Smale excitedly awaited to compete for an international title in Ecuador.

However, her joy was soon turned to hurt after organisers of Miss United Continents called Smale to tell her she needed to " lose as much weight as possible" to even have a shot at winning the title, the report revealed.

Gutted and shocked she hung up and didn't call them for a few weeks. "It was one of those things, in the 21st century you don't actually expect people to be that blunt," Smale told Daily Mail.

Adding, "I'm a size ten; I'm not big at all I'm just bang on average. I just think to be told to lose as much weight as possible for a competition, why would people say that? It's horrible and it made me feel so rubbish about myself for a long, long time."

That was the moment she decided she did not want to participate in the competition anymore and dropped out.

Now, she wants to promote healthy body image and warn other women about "rogue" competitions.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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