Man's hilarious account of flying with newlyweds goes viral

He shared that how he couldn't help but watch in mute horror' the couple's ridiculous antics mid-air.

We’ve all known at some point in our lives that couple that makes everyone around them uncomfortable because of their unbearable PDA going on. It’s even worse when such a couple are newly in love. One man learned it the hard way when he was stuck in a flight seated next to a newlywed couple who appeared to be so deeply in love with each other that nothing they did made any sense anymore.

The unfortunate man in question, Dubai-based columnist Bikram Vohra, wrote in a Facebook post about his experience of surviving the flight despite being a close witness of a madly-in-love couple’s antics. He shared that how he couldn’t help but watch in ‘mute horror’ the couple feeding each other and even indulging in a game of ‘get-the-longest-noodle’ that could chip away at the patience of even those that claim to be as strong as the mountains.

The post has now gone viral after it was shared almost 12,000 times by social media users. You can read about the cringe-worthy incident in Vohra’s own words below:

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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