Tentalising TENets

Published Apr 30, 2016, 12:23 am IST
Updated Apr 30, 2016, 12:23 am IST
Actress Samyukta Hornad gets candid in this fun rapid fire…..
Samyukta Hornad
 Samyukta Hornad

If you had to use a pick up line on a guy, what would it be?
If I ever ask a guy out, I'd go — Are you trash, cos I'd like to take you out!

One celebrity you'd like to take out on a date:
George Clooney, he's so hot and I want to see if he looks that good even when he wakes up in the morning.


One supernatural power you would want:
I'd like to be Captain Planet and save the earth and wipe out all the bad things from the world.

Million bucks or true love
True love, anyday.

An eerie or funny fan moment
Once I was so zoned out, somebody said can I get a picture and I thought they wanted me to take their picture when they actually wanted a photo with me! Another one was when I was driving and someone tried taking a selfie and almost fell off.

Acting to you is:
Everything. It’s the only thing I know. I need it to exist.


Three things you don't live the house without
My car keys, lip balm and my ipod.

If not an actor, what would you be
I’d probably be a wildlife photographer since I love working with animals.

One trait of yours that nobody knows about:
I have a monkey at home and I have several other animals as pets too. I talk to them everyday and imagine them talking to me!

One song you'd never delete from your playlist:
Something About Usby Daft Punk. It’s very catchy and reflects my story when I see a cute guy and make up a love story in my head. Everything happens in my head but never in real life!


— As told to Ikyatha Yerasala