Video captures wild elephant crossing China-Laos border before dawn

The animal decided to explore Laos a bit before returning home.

For those in the animal kingdom, man-made rules mean nothing.

CCTV footage captured an elephant taking a two-hour China-Laos border tour just before dawn.

The elephant moved out of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province and explored Laos before returning home, ABC reported.

Soldiers both sides kept an eye out for the animal and alerted nearby residents about the elephant's presence.

"It's winter now and there's not a lot of food in the forest areas. We often see wild elephants hunting for food in nearby villages," Li Zhifu, a soldier with Chahe border-crossing checkpoint is quoted as saying by the ABC.

Adding, "This time, the elephant wandered around within our exit port but could not cause any harm because of our efforts."

Video of the elephant has gone viral and garnered thousands of views on Youtube.

Watch the video here:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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