Art out of trash

Published Nov 29, 2018, 1:52 am IST
Updated Nov 29, 2018, 1:52 am IST
Spreading the message of recycling to kids making.
World will first be performed in Chennai on November 30  and Bengaluru on December 14, before moving to other cities.
 World will first be performed in Chennai on November 30 and Bengaluru on December 14, before moving to other cities.

Imaginarium — It’s a Wonderful World is India’s 1st live art show for kids and families.  A ‘Made in India’ concept for kids where they’re invited to discover, explore and expand their imagination through a host of live on-stage experiences, conducted by India’s premiere and only real-life Kids Influencer— Rob. The show blends Rob’s real-life experiences with his unique, magical and larger-than-life artistic Interpretations, to create a concept that will mesmerise and engage audiences of all ages. Rob, who is partnering with Swachh Bharat to create art out of trash, speaks to DC before his show comes to the city.

QWhat is the earliest memory you have of creating something?


The first big sculpture that I did was one of the Statue of Liberty which I had made out of old boxes in the 4th grade. The sculpture was in fact bigger than me. It was around 4 ft tall. That was my first ‘big picture’ that I had made

QTell us about Imaginarium. How will it be particularly interesting for Kids?

Imaginarium is a live art show. It’s a travelling live art show. I have been catering to kids for a long time and it’s my dream to an on-ground event where kids can experience all of this art live. The show is designed for kids and will have a lot of performances on stage related to art. The show is also interactive, so we will have kids participating with us. Not only will the kids take back the experience of being there but will also take back the art made by them.


QPlease share your views on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan?

Through my shows and through my art I have always encouraged kids to recycle. Everything that I make on my show is from trash. Kids are very smart these days and are more than willing to participate when it comes to cleanliness. Even in Imaginarium a lot of art that I will be doing involves a lot of trash and junk. When they look at it they would want to go home and do similar things.

QYou often use discarded things and create something wonderful out of it, why does waste intrigue you so much?


Right from when I was a kid, I was very curious and I worked with a lot of junk. When I was young I could not afford a lot of expensive toys. Instead of asking my parents to buy them for me I made my own out of the waste around.

QPlease talk about the importance of recycling.

What I do is a very small step but is still is for a bigger cause. There is so much trash that one individual creates. If one becomes a little more conscious and starts recycling by using the plastic bottles they keep at home putting a plant in or converting tetra packs into lamps or folders it would make a huge difference. We use more and more trash everyday and I think that before it’s too late, (maybe it’s already too late) we should make a conscious decision to use less trash and to recycle.


QHow do you feel performing in Chennai?

I’m very happy to be starting off in Chennai. When I started my career with M.A.D I did not realise the show had so much love and following until I went to Chennai. I saw the response there; the people came up and congratulated me for the show. It was a fabulous experience. Chennai loves art so I’m very happy to be doing it there.

The audiences will also learn art forms used in places like Japan and Turkey and bring characters to life using the ink splat technique, and create much more along with Rob throughout the show, with their DIY kits which will be provided to them at the venue. Conceptualised and curated by Sony Music and Rob, and produced by BookMyShow, the limited shows of Imaginarium — It’s a Wonderful World will first be performed in Chennai on November 30  and Bengaluru on December 14, before moving to other cities.