A challenging juggle

Actor Aamir Khan also confessed to have lost precious time with his family even as his career was taking off.

Public figures and people in positions of responsibility struggle to find work-life balance and admit that work has overrun their lives for the most part.

Work life balance remains an elusive concept for bureaucrats, police officials, actors, doctors and politicians that they couldn't spend enough time with their work. The like of Jayashankar Bhoopalpally collector Murali Krishna Prasad (Additional Director General of Police): superstar Krishna, doctor, pliticians etc. have publiciy admitied that they were a 'bad family person' since they couldn't spend enough time with their families.

Actor Aamir Khan also confessed to have lost precious time with his family even as his career was taking off. "I missed out on a lot and we all need to maintain a balance between work and personal commitments" Aamir had said.

Erratic work schedules meetings and and endless barrage of calls and e-malis constantly demand
one's time and attention, and balancing work and home becomes a near impossible task.

Chandrababu Naidu: Cheif Minister; Andhra Pradesh

My party is my family: I sacrifised my family time and worked for the people's welfare, I remember there were situations when my children were disappointed that I couldn't spend time with them.
Bu again thank to my family, they understood my priorities. Even now, Iam not able spend time.

Anurag Sharma; Former Director General of Police, Telangana

No personal live for cops

It's difficult for cops to stick to a fixed routine because we never know when we have to run for an emergency. Right from when I joined the service, I knew that I had to constantly be on the move. I have been working tirelessly and hardly spent time with my family. Police people, especially of officer rank don't really have personal lives. Also, since my wife was a working woman (an IPS ofiicer), the time available together was very little. We worked in different places. But my family thankfully understood me well. Now, I want to compensare for the lost time and focus on my health and other domestic issues.

Swetha Mohanty - Collector, Wanaparthy district

Kids are adjusting to our routine

Apart from being a working woman, I am also a doting mother of a two year old and an eight year old. Naturally, the kids want me to devote more time to them. And it is quite a task! My husband (Collector, Jogulamba district) and I make a conscious effort routines and getting used to it. In today's age, there are no specific timings for work. Siunce I work in a rural area, we have visitors walking in all through the day. I can't send them back because they come from far away. Even on a day off, the focus still remains on work as we keep getting instruction on our phones.

Dr G.V. Rao
Chief of Surgical Gastroenterology, Transplantation Services & Minimally Invasive Surgery

I think being busy is directly proportional to your passion! The moment you stop enjoying your job, you should quit. Ours is a profession that is mixed with people’s emotions. Generally, when we treat someone, he says that his family will be ruined if he doesn’t recover. After performing a surgery, even after we go back home, we still think about the patient's recovery. Initially it is used to be extremely difficult to strike a work-life
balance and the job was extremely demanding. I admit that it was challenging to spend time with the family, but over the years, maybe we can counter it. And you need to be lucky enough to have an empathising wife.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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