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What stars predict for politicos, celebs

Published Oct 29, 2019, 12:01 am IST
Updated Oct 29, 2019, 12:04 am IST
With Guru Peyarchi just occurring, senior Astro consultant interprets what’s on the cards.
Mahesh Varma.
 Mahesh Varma.

Jupiter or Guru is an auspicious planet. Guru is the planet of expansion, knowledge, wisdom and finances. Jupiter transits from one house (zodiac sign) to another and it stays for one year in each house. As per Tamil panchangam, this year Jupiter would have transited early on Tuesday morning, from Vrischik to Dhanusam.

Most Indian politicians and celebrities believe in astrology.  Popular astrologer Mahesh Varma predicts the impact of transiting Guru on various politicians and celebrities and suggests remedies to overcome the negative effects.


This transit is good for world peace but it will bring stress upon India. Jupiter, the 6th house Lord, (his own house), will create unsolicited accusations with respect to businesses and foreign policies.  Neighbouring countries would give trouble.  Indian industries will do well. In sports also, India would excel. The running dasa of moon and antradasa of Jupiter till December 4, 2019 is not good for businesses.  After that things would improve. Since Jupiter is in his own house, India will get abundant rains.

Narendra Modi
Jupiter transit is good for him as his rasi is Vrishika and as Jupiter moves to the 2nd house. He will get name, fame and his work will be valued. It's good in all fronts. From January 15, 2020 he will be free from all obstacles, as Saturn moves to the 3rd and that gives courage for all deeds.  His running Dasa of Chandra dasa sukra , antra sukra in the 10th house and Chandra in lagna will be good for health and wealth as he brings out major changes in Indian industries and businesses.


Rahul Gandhi
Jupiter transit is good for Rahul Gandhi. He will find peace in life. He will concentrate more on his work.  

He is running Mars dasa, Saturn antar dasa, which is not good, as he has to work hard to maintain his friends and party. After September 2020 he will be more powerful.

Edappadi K Palaniswami
He will do well as Jupiter transits to 5th house, which will give name and fame. But he has to really work hard. He will be acknowledged for his able administration after January 14, 2020 and people will appreciate him.

But dasa Lord is not favouring so he has to pray to Durga and Bhairav on Fridays and Sundays.


Jupiter transits to the 10th house, so he has to work hard and will earn name and fame from January 14, 2020. Saturn will be more helpful and he will help needy people.  He has to pray to the god guru or dhakshinamurti and feed cows and crows.

MK Stalin
His rasi is Simha as per datas.  So guru transit will be good in all fronts. He will get name and fame. His finance will improve. He will do well after January 14, 2020, and his enemies will become weak.

As his rashi is tulam and Jupiter moves to the third house, it is not a favourable time for him. His close friends will create tension and he has to take care of his health, Saturn and Jupiter are in the 3rd house till January 14, 2020 and will create confusion in all fronts. After January, Saturn moves to the 4th house and isn't good for finance related issues and business. So he should pray to Lord Shiva and do abhishekam to Shiva lingam and feed cows daily.


TTV Dhinakaran
As per data available his rasi is Tulam. Jupiter transits to the 3rd rasi, which is not good.  His own people will misguide his followers. He should take care of his words and control his expression and expenditure.

Kamal Haasan
Jupiter transits to the 10th house and he has to work hard and travel to various places to create his public opinion in his favour.  He is running Venus and ketu anther dasa, which will fetch him average success, both in politics and cinema. He has to finish his pending work in films from January. The Saturn in the 10th house will create kantaka Shani, which will create problems.   In order to maintain peace and harmony, he has to pray to Lord Hanuman, the peepal tree on Saturdays and feed crows and cows daily.


Jupiter transits to the 12th house from his rasi Makaram. It is not good for his health. He will incur unwanted expenditure. He is running Mercury dasa and antra dasa of Mercury (Budha) till June 13, 2020.

Mercury will create confusion in decision making. Political matters will be pending till November 2020. So he has to pray to Jupiter and Saturn every Thursday and Saturday and distribute sweets and bananas to needy people.

His birth rasi is Karkata (Cancer) and star is Poosam. Jupiter moves to the 6th house, which is not good for him to make public his opinions and he will have opposition from all quarters. Finances will be good. He will not enter politics now.  On the professional front, his career will be average. There may be some disappointments in 2020.  So he has to pray to Guru Bhagwan and feed cows on Tuesdays.


Jupiter transit to the 11th house is good. He will get back his name and fame.  He will make right decisions in his profession. Dasa Lord is in 10th house and will give good name from January 14, 2020.  Saturn will enter twelfth house and Saturn's itch starts.  So, he has to pray Lord Hanuman daily and feed crows.