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Published Feb 28, 2016, 12:05 am IST
Updated Feb 28, 2016, 12:05 am IST
We get celebrities to recommend their favourite films, TV shows, live performances and food for you, our readers.
Anurita Jha, actress
 Anurita Jha, actress

Anurita Jha, actress
Favourite film: Wake up Sid

I love this film for its subtlety. The film shows two people falling in love without even realising it. Wake Up Sid has dealt with love very realistically and that’s what makes it a feel good film. Love isn’t exaggerated here, which is why viewers could relate to the film. I am sure that there were some moments in the film which resonated with audiences. The film is beautifully crafted — from the screenplay to the music, it is one I can watch a million times over.


Kary Arora, DJ
Favourite artiste: Jennifer Lopez

My favourite artist is Jennifer Lopez. She has had a fascinating journey, and juggled multiple careers. Her struggle and achievements are what makes her so human. Two of my favourite JLo tracks are Booty ft. Iggy Azalea (I believe a lady should be in touch with her sexy side because it’s a strength) and Jenny From The Block (be real when you’re poor and stay grounded when you’re rich).

Papa CJ, stand up comedian
Favourite performance: Kasturba Panda Ki Pantie

I’d like people to see the play, Kasturba Panda Ki Pantie. It is the story of a frustrated wife (Kasturba) and Ranjan Panda (her husband). Ranjan, a compulsive gambler, realises that he must let out the guest room of his Sundar Nagar apartment in order to recover his monetary losses.


But he fails to attract prospective tenants until, one day, the famed Sundar Nagar Diwali Mela comes along. Salman Khan is poised to make an appearance at the event and Kasturba, being a huge Sallu fan, rushes to the mela to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

As she stretches on her tiptoes to get a good look of the man, her petticoat and panties slip off. Chaos ensues. And all of a sudden, the number of parties “interested” in taking up Ranjan’s rental offer skyrocket.

You will get to see brilliant acting in the play — the team holds the audience in thrall for over an hour. As comedians, often we see a punch line coming a mile away. However, during this play I just laughed all the way through.


Roshani Shenazz
Favourite book, Holistic healer

The book that has deeply touched me is The Fakir trilogy by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha. In The Fakir I and II, we can somewhere relate to the journey of all of us. We all have at some point come to that juncture of being despondent, or totally sunk in self-pity or feeling that life is only conspiring to antagonise us in some way or another.

Ruzbeh saab opens up the Pandora’s box on life after death, the power of prayer, karma, faith and forgiveness.  All you need to do is close your eyes and open a page and you will get what you need.


My favourite line from the book is, “The one who makes the thunder roar, also hears a butterfly sigh”. Books by Meher Baba are extremely close to my heart and are my favourites.

Anushka Ranjan, actress
Favourite TV show: Criminal Minds

I  am in love with American television and I watch all kinds of shows. One show that I would recommend is Criminal Minds. The cases are very interesting and it’s like a Psychology 101 class.

I’ve been watching it since the first season and I have also rewatched couple of episodes, just to understand the workings of the human mind. You get a perspective on why a lot of people do what they do. Apart from this show, I love Friends and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — that’s one show you have to watch for mindless comedy.


Ritu Dalmia, celebrity chef
Favourite restaurant: Julius Meinl am Graben in Austria

I stumbled upon this restaurant while strolling through the centre of Vienna. Here I found the most spectacular view of the Kohlmarkt (one of the oldest streets in Vienna) — Viennese ladies lunching, businessmen drinking champagne and some absolutely delicious food.

What is particularly great about this restaurant is that the owners have managed to retain its old-world charm in the face of entire food business turning “modern”.