Of travels that inspire design

Shalini Bisht talks about her love for jewellery designing and a passion for travelling.

Everyone is passionate about something apart from their professional lives and the daily hustle and bustle. We talk to Shalini Bisht, a jewellery designer who has a passion for travelling as well. “Designing is something I’m very passionate about. I have no degree in fashion or designing but still wanted to pursue it,” she says. “All my work is handmade and I have a large celeb clientele as well. There is no certain target group as we also customise our jewellery according to the client’s taste of any size, any colour or style,” she adds.

Being a travel enthusiast as well, she loves street fashion. “I have travelled to places like Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Belgium, Italy, Serbia etc,” she quotes. She is planning a trip to Germany soon as well, but she feels Paris is undoubtedly the fashion hub in the world. Combining her sheer love for colours with her assessment and research on fashion, Shalini began designing her first collection of jewellery. Shalini is currently the founder designer of her organisation. Having once run the business single handedly, she has the vision of expanding from a company run by an entrepreneur to a strategically organised establishment.

Whilst travelling, she does keep an eye out for different designs and patterns of jewellery. “With a vast number of people interested in jewellery, there is no fixed target group. My passion lies in both designing and travelling. I admire other designers as well,” she says. Talking from a designer’s point of view she discloses the fact that a lot of effort and patience goes into making each piece. The fact that she travels and gets inspired at the same time for her professional life shows a massive passion for both.

“To express oneself, some write books, others take pictures. We design jewellery,” she says. Shalini was 21 when she started working for retail stores and that is where she found her interest in this industry. The first time she actually handled the tools of craft, her first few pieces were bought by family and friends which gave her a wider perspective and great confidence to pursue a career in the field. Shalini is resolute in her effort to keep growing as an artist and be able to provide her clients with the most eccentric of handmade state of the art fashion jewellery.

On a concluding note, she mentions that her love for designing and travelling inspire her to create more splendid works of art through her passion for both. She is working towards increasing her celeb clientele and will definitely visit Germany soon.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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