Parents seek nanny to raise son with strict Victorian values

Their job ad online states the nanny has to ensure their son plays for only one hour every day.

Parents from Berkshire (UK) are willing to pay £55,000-a-year to a nanny with strict Victorian values to raise their child, the Daily Mail reported.

The parents posted a job advertisement online that lists extremely strict rules that must be followed.

The ad which has been listed on parenting website, states, their seven-year-old child must only speak the Queen’s English and have only one hour for play time everyday. He is prohibited from using technology of any kind, but can play with wooden toys and read books.

Daily Mail reported, the role requires the nanny to "to refrain from any contact other than shaking hands and a kiss on the head before bed if necessary".

Adding, "We are firm believers that children should be seen and not heard and believe this will help his development."

The nanny is also to show know affection except for a kiss on the forehead before bedtime.

While highly unconventional, the parents explain they are taking these measures to ensure he grows into a respectable man.

"We're a traditional couple from a very traditional and patriotic family and are set on raising our children in a way similar to the Victorians. This is the vision we have for our son and it’s something which has moulded our family, and our relationships with other families/friends.

"We know that the way we're raising our son is not exactly conventional, however we believe that in the long run it will turn him into a reputable and virtuous adult that can make a real impact to the world we live in."

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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