The body doesn't lie

Is there trouble in Trump paradise? Or are the Obamas giving the first couple sleepless nights? We decode the nuances.

If the body language between President Donald Trump and Melania Trump at their public appearances is anything to go by, the discomfort is palpable. Only this week, the first lady of the United States of America during a public appearance in Rome, refused to hold hands when Trump reached for it. Melania ever so subtly raised her hand to brush strands of hair away from her face.

Body language expert and image consultant Sheena Aggarwal says that even though her gestures may appear subtle, Melania’s actions seem deliberate. “It doesn’t help that Trump always wants to be in the lead, instead of being the Presidential couple,” she states, adding that the instance is almost like a parent leading a child. “Trump reaching out to her isn’t an act of affection, it is more like to say ‘keep walking.’ That’s when Melania raises her hand the other way and tries to say, ‘no’.”

Barack and Michelle Obama. (Photo: AP)Barack and Michelle Obama. (Photo: AP)

This isn’t an alienated instance where the first lady has made her discomfort with Trump’s actions apparent. Only last week, Melania appeared like she was swatting Trump’s hands as the two walked down the airport tarmac in Israel. “It had been reported that the first lady wasn’t enthusiastic about having won the Presidential elections. So, she could still be bitter about having to keep up with his pace,” notes image consultant Pria Warrick, adding, “Melania looks like she is in no mood to make amends in the relationship. She doesn’t have a choice now, and it is also quite possible that she had gotten a lot more than she bargained for.”

Life coach and image consultant Chetna Mehrotra adds that the new tag to Trump’s resume could also be another reason for her indifference. “It is possible that power creeps into their personal life as well. His role as a President could probably also be interfering with their core relationship, which isn’t healthy.”

“Having led a life of privilege for years before she became entwined in her country’s politics, Melania too is used to having led her life a certain way,” notes Sheena. “She comes across as someone who is headstrong. So, she will make her annoyance articulated, even if she is in the public gaze.”

It doesn’t help that the Obamas were a picture-perfect couple, and almost always remained a picture of affection in public memory. Michelle Obama also took on a more traditional role — she resigned from her job and took on the role of the mother with gusto. Chetna says that the Obamas have pretty much set high standards for the Trump family, which inadvertently makes the two compare themselves to the former first couple. “Subconsciously, there is a benchmark that the Obamas have created. It is possible that they are finding it difficult to fit into those roles. Ultimately, one’s identity will always stand out even if you attend many workshops,” she explains.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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