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A family of randonneurs

Published Apr 27, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Apr 27, 2019, 12:37 am IST
Hyderabad’s Dr Narender Reddy and his family successfully completed the 200 kilometre long distance cycle ride to Kamareddy recently.
M. Narender Reddy, Anusha and Soumya.
 M. Narender Reddy, Anusha and Soumya.

In a laudable feat, Hyderabad’s Dr Narender M. Reddy a senior scientist with pharmaceutical R&D, along with his wife and daughter recently completed the 200km long distance cycle ride from Hyderabad to Kamareddy and back in 12 hours and 40 minutes, becoming the first randonneur family from the city to do so. The event was organised by Hyderabd Randonneurs of Audax India Randonneurs (AIR) a Representative of Audax Club Parisien (ACP). “It’s an incredible feeling and we feel gratified. The fact that the entire family has done it together makes it all the more special,” shares  Narender, and adds, “While I had to take care of my family to finish their ride safely, at the same time, I had to ensure that I completed this brevet to meet the criteria of current year SR for the Audax PBP1200km in France later this year.”

Apparently, Narender picked up cycling only a couple of years back after an embarrassing incident.


“When I gifted my 12-year-old daughter Anusha a cycle in 2016, while training her he tried pedaling after a gap of 20 years, he found it difficult to ride initially and couldn’t even ride it for 5km. I felt very awkward! It’s then that I decided to improve my fitness,” recalls the 46-year-old who later joined the HBC and did first longest ride of 60km ride in 2016.

After gradually picking up the pace, he finished 100km in Cykul flagship event in Jan 2017 and continued regular rides with his friends of Hyderabad cyclists group, participated in several theme-based rides. Over the last two years, Narender has participated in AUDAX approved brevets and completed Super Randonneur (SR- 200,300,400&600km) titles 4 times and 1000km brevets. He is also Half Ironman finisher (1.9km swimming, 90km cycling and 21km running).


“Cycling has now become a way of life for me. It has taught me discipline and waking up early and going for a ride for 1 hr keeps me charged throughout the day. I have never suffered even from common cold or fever in the last two years and thanks to cycling,” says the scientist, adding, “Cycling is the best endurance sport and it gave me a new lease of life.”  “Apart from fitness cycling improves body metabolism, immunity as well”.

Clearly, Narender’s infectious energy and achievements have inspired his family to also pick up cycling. His wife Soumya, an AGM- HR with Tata Consultancy Services, states that she too wants to get into fitness and explore nature by pedaling. She always believes that women also can have it and achieve, and it is all about prioritising the tasks.  She picked up cycling along with him with few achievements to her credit.


Busy juggling with work and family commitments, Soumya thought that completing 200km would be a tough task, as for the first time she took this herculean task of 200km night ride. “Also, riding at midnight was scary since it was the first time for me. But I am glad that we were able to pull it off and finish safely,” she concludes.

Now, instead of staying indoors, our whole family goes for cycling together on weekends and holidays in the morning for two hours to explore the nature and new routes.  All parents should encourage their kids to take up cycling as one of the sport,” they share.


Their elder daughter Anusha, who is an U-15 Telangana state champion in road and track cycling events. She represents the state in national cycling championships and played for the state in last two years, and recently she also got selected for Khelo India Programme national camp in cycling. She states that cycling will give her positive mood and boosts up energy.