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Indians asked if they would ever use toilet paper and answers are hilarious

Published Apr 26, 2016, 2:53 pm IST
Updated Apr 26, 2016, 3:08 pm IST
Here’s what people thing, take a look at these answers and see weather you agree or disagree with them:
 Here’s what people thing, take a look at these answers and see weather you agree or disagree with them:

Wash or wipe? What do you do? Time and again people have asked this question that why people in India don’t use toilet tissues. Recently a user on Quora asked a question "Will Indian toilets ever switch to tissues?" and this sparked a debate.

Here’s how the readers responded to this question and let us tell you, some of the answers are indeed very interesting and hilarious

Some believe that we would stick to washing while some support the usage of toilet tissues. Some people are with use of both and don’t understand that why one needs to debate over this.

Here’s what people think, take a look at these answers and see weather you agree or disagree with them:  

“No need to 'Switch'... all we need to do is 'Add'. The best solution: Now, just like we bath and then use towel to pat ourselves dry...use the Spray to clean yourself thoroughly and then use tissue to pat yourself dry,” writes Samridhi Arora.

“People make their face on Asian people for this practice. I do not know how this practice of dry wipes originated, might be because of cold weather when Geysers were not invented, tap water was frozen or too cold, not that readily available and it came in to a practice. I would really like to know what were they using before the paper . Water cleans much better than paper infact, I find it highly dumb when people think that paper is hygeinic than water. It's like telling people that to clean yourself and to remove odour from your body, you need to bathe and not just wipe with a dry paper or sponge, it's not the same. Now with odour I hope people would understand what exactly I am pointing to,” writes Niha Sharma.

“Tissues just leave smeared shit all over you ass. Most Westerners hurriedly change the topic when I asked them if they are comfortable walking with smeared shit as the answer is almost always no but they don't prefer to accept it. Most Indians, as pointed in other answers also, use hand showers or a butterfly jet to wash their ass after shitting. Easy and sometimes hand free. Sounds more hygienic than using the toilet paper,” writes Sunny Mewati.

(Photo: Screen grab)(Photo: Screen grab)

“As a Westerner (Canadian) temporarily visiting/working in Durgapur, West Bengal, I have come to understand and appreciate the use of water over tissue. I can say this:  India (and all the others) have it right: water >> tissue. The hotels I've stayed in have western-style toilets with a handy hose attached.  I use it and feel much cleaner. Downright refreshed, even. If more people took off their cultural blinders and give it a try, I bet more would understand. But I ain't holding my breath....” writes Cedric Silvester.

“Counter question - Would you rather take a shower or would you rather wipe your body with bits of paper, after all what's good for the bum should be good for the body too right?” writes Deepak Prabhakar.

“Wipe is not equal to clean,” writes Nalira Rumaizan.

“Look at it this way: Two friends were eating chocolates together. One guy was from US, and the other one was from India. The guy from US just wiped his face when some chocolate got smeared in the process of eating it, whereas his Indian friend went and washed his face with water,” writes Anushri Shukla.

“Water is far more ecological for cleansing than tons of (perfumed) paper. If not joining them, we should be at least glad that Indians and many other nations use water at toilets,” writes Zora Vasulinova.

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“Any culture evolves based on its environment and available resources. The question at hands - the toilets. In western world (as all like to call it), the climate is mostly cold and dry. Water is too cold to apply on sensitive area, and costly to warm to clean shit. On the other hand, in India, water is easily available resource, is cool breeze in mostly hot season. Paper is too costly to use to clean shit. So frankly, there is no reason why, either Indian toilets should have tissues, or Westerns start using water. Both are stupid expectations,” writes Askhay Padhey.

“How do one do dishes? Does one just wipes it with a tisaue and keeps it for further use? Can you eat in such a plate again? One you uses water to clean things, right?” writes Divyamani Gupta.

“Imagine this scenario, a bird poops on your hand/hair. Will you just wipe that with a tissue and walk away unassumingly? Wouldn't washing your hand/hair be the very first thing that you'd do after reaching home?” writes Karthick Chandrasekar.

(Photo: Screen grab)(Photo: Screen grab)

“An american once visited India and dined with an Indian family. In the morning, after coming out of the toilet, this is what he says - Well, now I understand why Indians don't use toilet paper. It would burn right away" One of the reasons why many of us would not switch to tissues,” writes Abhishek Agarwal.



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