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Freeing women, one movie at a time

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Published on: September 24, 2019 | Updated on: September 24, 2019

Anita Udeep, the latest to be included in the 25 prime innovators list of FC Disruptors of Indian Cinema, shares her journey as a filmmaker with DC.

Anita Udeep

Anita Udeep

Anita Udeep who made it to the top 25 prime innovators list, asserts, "It feels amazing to be encouraged by Film Companion, completely unbiased and honest reviewers. They are also knowledgeable about films all over the world and I think it's really a privilege to be chosen by them". Anita feels there are a lot of women issues that have not been addressed. There are many mental health and emotional issues that women go through in their life. "I wanted to make a film about women's emotions - bring it out into the open and express how they feel. Women are scared when it comes to expressing certain things because they don't want to create any chaos", adds Anita.

Anita feels that some women feel aloof as they are being treated as objects and pushed to make adjustments. There are a lot of hidden emotions and desires that are housed in a women's heart. They should be given a chance to voice out their passions, relationships, career, etc.  

"I don't know why it is considered a taboo when a woman expresses her likes or dislikes. Whereas men always have the right to say things that interest them and it is accepted by everyone".

Women are living in a space where they are dependent on family and society. They always hesitate about making decisions fearing the reactions of the people inside their circle. "Women are treated like lambs by their families, they are also asked to sacrifice and sometimes made to feel guilty for doing what they like. I tried to portray this in my film 90ML".

"Casting Oviya was a bonus for 90ML, the way she portrayed herself in Bigg Boss was the reason I cast her in my movie. Her personality kept the movie set engaged and the co-actors were really happy during the shoot", says Anita elucidating the contributions of Oviya to the movie.  

Initially, the film was bashed by the critics as well as the general public since it was termed as an adult oriented film. If it was a women-centric film, then the men wouldn't have enjoyed it like they did.

"Women are still living inside a cage. Bringing them out to face the world was the motto of my film. I have not yet started to work for my next project. An idea should ignite me and bring out the writer in me. Only after that will I be developing my projects in the future", concludes Anita. 

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