46-year-old woman gives birth to her own grandson through surrogacy

Theresa is a mother of four and has fostered 50 children.

The ban on commercial surrogacy in India has triggered off a heated debate with people since it also bars single people, live-in couples, married couples with children and homosexual people from opting for surrogacy. But the process has been helping people have children for years, and in some cases it has acted as a means to bring families closer.

25-year-old Alice Hohenhaus from Australia was diagnosed with lukemia when she was four and with full body radiation, she was less likely to have a child. When she did get pregnant years later, she lost her child at 15 weeks, and was told she could never have a baby.

The news was devastating but the Alice’s family came to the rescue as her 46-year-old mother decided to step in and carry her own daughter’s child as a surrogate mother.

Alice with baby Parker (Photo: Facebook/Alice Hohenhaus)Alice with baby Parker (Photo: Facebook/Alice Hohenhaus)

Even as the mother Theresa wasn’t sure if she could carry a child at her age and Alice had doubts about the idea, both eventually decided that it was worth the risk. Theresa told Daily Mail that, "I had already almost lost Alice twice before— she hemorrhaged during her pregnancy and it was touch and go there for a while."

A mother of four, Theresa has also fostered 50 children, and became pregnant immediately, as the mother and daughter came closer. The family too handled the pregnancy well despite unusual circumstances.

Theresa with her grandson Parker (Photo: Facebook/Theresa Hohenhaus)Theresa with her grandson Parker (Photo: Facebook/Theresa Hohenhaus)

Finally Theresa gave birth to her grand daughter on June 2nd 2016, and said, "People are worried about the effort but I am in good health and it would be so lovely for Parker to have a brother or sister... I would do anything for my kids and it truly is worth every bit of it to see Alice so happy."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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