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Artist Alonzo Vega lives in a creative battlefield

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Published on: March 1, 2020 | Updated on: May 31, 2020

Vega, a native of Peru who has showcased his work at Art Basel Miami

Alonzo Vega

Alonzo Vega

An uncompromising and often controversial artist has captured the attention of international experts. For Alonzo Vega, a rising star in contemporary art, ideas are stronger than the large caliber bullets he often incorporates on his pieces.

The young and lauded visual artist has raised to prominence due in part, to his unconventional creative workflow and rare material selections.

"Every piece should speak for itself. It should convey a powerful emotion and spark inner debate", he says.

Vega, a native of Peru who has showcased his work at Art Basel Miami, and select galleries around the world, has experienced a personal evolution in recent times as he continues to express complex and riveting ideas through his work.

Versatility has become a calling card for Alonzo Vega, who believes visual art, much like music, has the power to influence a person´s mood and mental state; Which means artists should strive to understand themselves in order to understand what makes their work unique in the eyes of others.

For Alonzo, there is no rule book. He allows his creative inspiration to flow freely, often late at night and into the South American morning being born just outside of his Lima high rise studio.

Through his work, Alonzo makes powerful statements – most of which are intentionally left open for the viewer´s interpretation – and by remaining steadfast in his resolve to use creativity as a tool for social reflection, the young visionary uses life, and everything in it, as an endless source of artistic inspiration.

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