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Published Dec 24, 2018, 12:01 am IST
Updated Dec 24, 2018, 12:01 am IST
Go vintage with these great ideas to spruce up your space with a classic essence.
Now, creating a similar aura has been made easy using our retro décor pieces. Travel back in time with these timeless objects d’art.
 Now, creating a similar aura has been made easy using our retro décor pieces. Travel back in time with these timeless objects d’art.

When it comes to whimsical decor options for people who love vintage, the market is brimming with great options.

A quaint country cottage filled with antique collectibles, tea served in chinaware, a wooden table placed amidst the farm and laced curtains covering the windows. Does this imagery give you a sigh of pleasure?


Now, creating a similar aura has been made easy using our retro décor pieces. Travel back in time with these timeless objects d’art.

Wall Art
The walls of a room speak volumes about the home décor. A single piece of art displayed is enough to catch the attention of anyone entering the room. Be it the collage of small wall hangings or one gigantic décor piece, make sure your walls make a statement.

Give your walls a dramatic look retro blueprint models. The wooden frame and the neutral hues of charcoal and cream effortlessly elevate spaces of your home, adding a rustic charm to the area.


Storage Accents
Storage boxes usually fill our homes in bulk and we never really pay attention to incorporate them in our home décor. How about creating an old school effect through the storage boxes? Vintage tin boxes with floral prints give the look of a real book but reveal an amazing storage space. So stack these against the walls and create an illusion of a little library at the corner of your home.

Rest in retro
Wrought iron symbolises retro. Give your living room or your verandah a hint of classic with a rocking chair, reminiscent of times long past. The touch of nostalgia with a rocking chair is sure to take you back in time.


Timeless ticking
With so many vintage decoration ideas to draw inspiration from, a room or a home doesn’t have to incorporate only vintage elements. Watches and clocks are found in abundance in any home. A vintage look with just one element highlighted would save you from the budget constraints. Create the epitome of the perfect mixture between modern furniture and rejuvenated antique furniture and turn your room into a splendid place to spend your afternoons.

Fan- clock
The fan clock features a clock in the middle of the fan. The clock has a rustic finish to give it a weathered appeal and sits on a metal stand.


Vintage Car Tabletop Clock
Vintage Car Tabletop clocks sculpted from metal, features a hand-painted antique rustic red finish adding to its artistic appeal.
Biplane Replica Tabletop Clock
A table piece with an authentic style that will bring a rustic interest to your room. A must have for an aviation enthusiast.

So, reminisce the yesteryears with the decades-old style and glamor. Let your homes exude the charm and elegance of vintage décor.

The writer is founder and creative head at an interiors company.