Prankstar who likes to dance!

Sonali Thakker is a stand up comedian based in Bangalore. She is performing a stand up on today and tomorrow at Primal, Koramangala.

1 When did your first realise that you could make others laugh?
I think it was probably sometime in school when we would all imitate this one teacher and I was almost perfect. That made my friends laugh and it in turn made me laugh too.

2 Any comedian whom you regard as a role model?
There are so many! But if I had to say one, then it would be Ali Wong.

3 In this age of political correctness, are you vary of some jokes going too far?
Honestly, I try not to edit my natural thoughts out because if I tend to over think every thing I say on stage, then I’m really not being myself.

4 Would you prefer pineapple on pizza?
No, I feel like pineapple on pizza is a scam run by the illuminati.

5 Which is the best place you have travelled to?
In India it would be Ladakh. My favourite country to visit is Turkey.

6 With which celebrity would you like to share a stage?
Bobby Deol, I really want to dance to the song “Soldier, Soldier” with him.

7 Would you prefer a book over a movie?
I love books but movies are my first love

8 How would you rate your stage fright from 1-10?
That depends if my parents are in the audience or not.

9 Do you like playing pranks?
Yes, sometimes I like to call the Vodafone helpline and say “Gaana copy karne ke liye star dabaayein.”.

10. How is your element of comedy different from others?
I’d say it’s mostly anecdotal. My material is mostly everything that has happened to me or someone I know, and anyone who comes for the show will probably leave knowing me a little better.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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