This magpie drinks beer after couple nursed it back to health

The bird has grown very accustomed to the family.

Danny Burgess and partner Katie Murphy discovered a baby bird while walking their staffordshire terrier Dakota, the Daily Mail reported.

It had fallen from a nest close to their home. The couple from Braintree, Essex, nursed the little magpie back to health for almost seven weeks.

Eventually, the magpie flew off to live in a tree nearby. But it still comes back daily to the home that showed it love and kindness to eat and sleep.

The magpie is so accustomed to the family that she helps herself to some beer, food from their BBQs and you'll event catch it putting a cigarette in its mouth.

"She's an absolute character. But there's no getting rid of her," Danny is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

"I used to shoo her out but she always found a way to swoop back in.

"I've never had anyone so keen to become my friend."

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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