Communicate even while you're mid air

Air travellers in India will soon be allowed to make calls on flight. We debate on the pros and cons of the same.

Haven’t we all come across those loud noisy passengers in trains and in buses? Air travel has advanced so much so that people now prefer air travel to any other kind. But this very annoying habit of being noisy never leaves us. To add to this air travellers in India will soon be allowed to make calls and access the internet while flying in Indian airspace, since the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) allowed in-flight connectivity. The decision by TRAI allows airlines to offer these services once they meet security norms. The notification by TRAI also allowed calls once an aircraft reaches an altitude of 3,000 metres. In a chat with city based people we find out what they think.

This youngster feels that this move will help keep travellers informed of their surroundings and also closed to their loved ones. City-based Lubna Arshi marketing analyst, says, “Today’s world is addicted to the modern world since its addicted to internet and telecom services and receiving them when not expected is definitely a plus. Motivation could be not be afraid of the long hours and the con could be that people might misuse this priviledge. But I feel that it has a 50-50 say since the flight authorities do have a lot of other things on flight to keep us entertained and nothing worth doing is always around the phone or the Internet.”

The city-based junior manager feels that people should be glad that we are moving towards something that’s good as this move. Ashutosh Singh says, “I feel that this is a brilliant initiative as it keeps people connected at all times. But having said this is calls on the flight can become somewhat disturbing for other passengers. This con can be taken care of when a check is kept on the passengers to see that they do not talk for a long stretch.”

Ursula U Fosberry who is a retired manager for Air India says, “Having internet introduced on the aircraft will be so good for flyers. It will give them enough time to catch up on their WhatsApp messages and make calls. There will be less stress on the cabin crew ,since pax will be too occupied with their phones. There can be added time for last minute plans to be made either for official trips or holidays or for whatever reason the journey is being undertaken. Also confirming arrival or delay timings and airport pick ups. It will be something great to look forward to with internet being introduced on flights.”

City-based etiquette expert Suneetha Kanga says, “Flights are a confined space and it’s important that people keep in mind that they are travelling with others as well. Certain in-flight etiquette should be maintained. If you do have to make calls, speak softly. Use a “library voice”. Whisper if necessary. . Keep the chats / conversations short. Be considerate of fellow passengers who may be travel fatigued, sleeping or are looking for some peace and quiet. Use instant messaging like whatsap for keeping in touch instead of making calls preferably. Always keep headphones / earphones handy. Remember- it is your personal phone and the public does not need or want to be privy to your personal conversations either.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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