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Can Superstar change face of Tamil Nadu politics?

Published Nov 23, 2019, 12:01 am IST
Updated Nov 23, 2019, 12:05 am IST
Rajinikanth’s speech garners viral memes and sets in motion a barrage of attacks and praise at the same time.

Veteran actors and superstars Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan came together to celebrate the latter’s 60 years in the film industry where Rajnikanth showered the now politician with praise. His comments at ‘Ungal Naan’ concert are the buzz in all social media groups.

A few of them think a film star’s outfit of a fans’ group helps draw traction by way of people following him. Others hail him as the next CM.


Later the Darbar actor reiterated his earlier statement, a miracle and wonder that would happen in Tamil Nadu politics in 2021 when the assembly elections will be held. Rajinikanth made the remark to reporters in response to minister D Jayakumar's assertion earlier in the day that communal, caste and spiritual politics will never make a mark in the state.

Dismissing his claims, CM Palaniswami said that Rajinikanth could not speak about political marvels unless he launches his party.

Rajnikanth made the statement on Thursday while talking about a possible political alliance with his contemporary and Makkal Needhi Maiam founder Kamal Haasan. Rajini’s every word elicits widespread response incessantly. Celebs and socialites speak on the phenomenon.


The vibration is something really different when Rajinikanth Sir speaks. The friendship he has for Kamal sir is tremendous to see. It is a 40-year friendly bond that cannot be separated at all. As Rajinikanth said, their friendship will still continue even if they are in diverse political parties. If the two superstars unite, it is a definite victory in the upcoming elections. Both are my gurus, I will really happy if they unite together and serve the Tamil people”
—  Kala Master

Without any experience in politics, actors cannot serve the people of Tamil Nadu. And that too after crossing 68 years, it is wrong decision by Rajinikanth according to me. Politics needs a lot of groundwork and the actor doesn’t have the necessary understanding of the public is what I feel. It would be better if he continues to act and not indulge in any of the activities regarding politics”
— Lenin KKR, educationist and social activist


Superstar has a very clear vision about his politics; he has already said that it will be spiritual politics (Anmiga Arasiyal). And Rajini sir particularly says that there will be no family politics in his Rajini Makkal Mandram. Only one member from a family will get a political post in his party. No one from his family can replace his post. For instance, after Rajinikanth, neither Dhanush nor his daughter Aishwarya will be given any post in his party. He is definitely not coming for the money, he wants to give back the people of Tamil Nadu for the love he has gained throughout his career span
—Arun Venkatraman, young hotelier in the city


I think we need a change when it comes to politics; the people of Tamil Nadu need a new party to rule them. And why not Rajini sir and Kamal Sir, if they join together, chance of victory is much higher. Without even giving them a chance and criticising them is unfair. Let us see what they do in the 5 years they get, if they don’t, then the people can choose any one of the existing political parties in TN. And the fans will fights won’t happen rather everyone will encourage in such new initiatives
— Aadhi, Actor