Time’s up for TV?

Published Aug 24, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Aug 24, 2019, 12:00 am IST
The convenience, gratification and money involved in having one’s own YouTube channel is a hook that many are latching onto in this digital age.
Fitness gyan Sonu Sood will soon be launching his own fitness channel for fans.
 Fitness gyan Sonu Sood will soon be launching his own fitness channel for fans.

After being the platform of choice for viewing videos on mobiles and computers, YouTube is breaking big on the TV screen (along with Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon etc).

So much so that celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Mahesh Babu, Ajay Devgn, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and several others are using YouTube extensively to share their interests and give fans more insight into their lives.


And as their channels rack up subscribers, they earn income from their personal merchandise and celebrity appearances. “In today’s digital world, one can access content anytime, and it stays forever. So getting your own YouTube channel is an excellent prospect, particularly if the content is good,” says actor Sonu Sood, who will soon be launching his own channel. He adds, “Viewers flock to celebrity content. Since I am into fitness, I would like to post videos and make content for people who want to get fit.”

Full-time career option
No wonder then that fame-seeking musicians, actors and comedians are all gravitating towards YouTube as their full-time career. “YouTube has emerged as a way for hopeful entertainers to reach the masses with their talent,” feels Bhuvan Bam, a YouTube superstar whose popular channel BB Ki Vines has more than 10 million followers.

Interestingly, till a few years ago, YouTube was not considered a platform that could provide a living. “But now, the platform has emerged as an alternate career option. A person sitting at home can upload a video that can reach anyone in the world,” says Bhuvan.

The rise of YouTube has encouraged self-driven career opportunities for creative individuals to do what they love while earning from it.

“It does take a lot of time and effort, both physically and mentally, to figure out how to utilise the platform in a way that works for both the creator and the audience,” says YouTuber Jonita, who has more than 4.5 lakh subscribers.

Content Creator
Any content creator with more than 10,000 to over a million subscribers is considered an influencer on YouTube. “As a content creator myself, I think YouTube is single handedly transforming influencers on the Internet, which is why so many people are jumping onto the channel train. Hard work and consistency will take you places few can reach and that there are no overnight viral stories,” says Anubhav Roy, YouTube influencer, who has nearly 13 million views.

Pays to be original
Original content is crucial for a channel to be a success. When a channel creates original content, it is rewarded by YouTube with monetary payouts. “It is already flooded with below average content, so you need to be content curator, creator, and inventor. Create, invent and develop,” urges Anubhav.

“YouTube provided a platform for me to share my songs and music with friends and family on a much bigger stage and a wider audience. As a YouTube Program Partner, there are several exciting ways to monetise my music,” recalls YouTuber and singer Josh Menon.