Video: New material finally solves menace of ketchup stuck inside bottle

It can solve the problem of wastage by saving the 200 gallons of material that gets stuck inside containers and gets washed away.

Certain struggles in life are those that people across the world and from all age groups can relate to, and one among these is the age old issue of ketchup being stuck at the bottom of the bottle.

While people have been coming up with several life hacks to deal with the ketchup menace, scientists at MIT struck at the root of the problem by coming up with a material that lets the sauce slide out of the bottle swiftly.

There’s more good news, the material comes as a coating and can be used in containers for toothpaste, cosmetics and glue as well. But consumers need to wait a few years before the bottles finally get in production.

The effects of the technology go beyond just daily issues at home, since it has the potential to reduce waste by 200 gallons, which is the amount of material that ends up stuck in containers and gets washed off each year.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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