Proud dusky girl shuts down pesky aunties in open letter

Because dark is beautiful.

Women with dark complexions in Indian society often face prejudice even from female members of their own families. Most of these nosy ‘aunties’ have no qualms making snide remarks about how dark-skinned girls are not marriageable.

Melanin-rich Ayesha Khurram has written a social media post titled ‘An Open Letter to the Aunty Who Told Me Kaali Girls Don’t Get Rishtas’ in which she unapologetically owns her skin colour and gives the haters a taste of their own medicine. “If Kaali is a disease for you, I can wipe it off with a cream. Your mentality, on the other hand - what's your cure?” she writes.

Every skin colour looks beautiful in its own way and one shouldn’t let narrow-minded people drill ridiculous beauty stereotypes into our heads. You can check out Ayesha’s post below:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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