Little boy proposes to classmate with mom's stolen diamond ring

This guy is definitely far ahead of his peers.

Nothing can beat the innocence of childhood love. It’s tough not to gush about or just crack a smile when kids exchange secret sweet notes and gift pretty trinkets to their crushes. But one schoolboy seems to be far ahead of his peers after he decided to pop the question to his romantic interest in class.

A hilarious video shows a British father sharing that his little daughter, Millie, was proposed to in school. Her ardent admirer, called Tommy, had given her ring to get a yes. But this wasn’t one of those candy rings that one would expect as a gift from a schoolboy.

Millie’s father finally held up the ring for the viewers to see – a very real diamond ring. It turned out that this was Tommy’s mother’s engagement ring that the boy had ‘borrowed’ to give to his ‘lady love’.

Click on the link below to view the video and enjoy a few laughs:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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