Woman spends 17 years with 12-inch tube embedded in stomach

Mistake is uncovered when she goes to a hospital Ulan-Ude, close to the Mongolian border for regular check-up.

An unidentified Russian woman, has spent almost two decades living with a 12-inch tube embedded in her stomach, thanks to a surgical blunder.

She had the rubber tube put in after suffering a stroke in 2000 to keep her fed in intensive care.

However, according to local reports, the doctors who were treating her forgot to remove one part of the tubing in her stomach. Surprisingly, it caused no symptoms.

The mistake was only uncovered recently when she went to a hospital Ulan-Ude, close to the Mongolian border for a check-up.

Doctors there did a full body examination and found a ‘strange dark object’ in the patient’s stomach, near the intestines.

Speaking to Central European News, a spokesperson said that the patient got better [after the stroke], got released out of hospital, and nobody remembered that probe.'

The women too said she never had a clue that there was a tube inside her, and never felt any discomfort from it either.

The hospital removed the tube and said the woman is recovering well from surgery.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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