Recruiter advises women to take off their engagement ring for job interviews

He explained that when men see a fancy ring on a woman's finger, they assume that she's high maintenance'.

Any job aspirant knows how important it is to put one’s best foot forward when facing the interviewer especially in today’s hyper-competitive market. But it looks like women candidates, in particular, have to take care of an extra detail that might presumably make or break their chance. Any guesses? Just get rid of your engagement ring before the interview, insists Executive Recruiter Bruce Hurwitz in an article on LinkedIn. As one would expect, this piece of advice has not gone down too well with many people

Hurwitz explained in his article that when men see a fancy ring on a woman’s finger, they assume that she’s ‘high maintenance’. Moreover, when another engaged woman in the office sees that her female colleague is sporting a ring bigger than hers, she will get jealous and instantly dislike her. After receiving sharp criticism from people accusing him of having outdated and sexist views, he went on to post yet another article that was titled ‘What Jewellery Not to Wear to a Job Interview’.

This write-up was even more controversial as Hurwitz likened the tradition of offering an engagement ring to a ‘business transaction’. He wrote: “When a male interviewer sees what appears to be an expensive engagement ring he assumes the wearer is, as I said in the article, “high maintenance.” “He may be willing to have a high-maintenance woman in his personal life; he doesn’t necessarily want one in his office.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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