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Here are names which are most likely to get a right swipe on Tinder

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Published on: December 21, 2016 | Updated on: December 21, 2016

The survey was conducted in Inda, Australia, UK and US, with some surprising results.

Amelia and Harry topped the list in UK (Photo: AFP)

Amelia and Harry topped the list in UK (Photo: AFP)

Ever since Tinder made an appearance in the digital space, it has transformed dating for young people as they can now connect with interesting strangers through their smartphone and let luck play its part by simply swiping right on an attractive prospect.

While many factors such as a good looking display image, an interesting profile and shared interests might play a role in deciding who you might end up with, a new list has been released by people behind Tinder, which tells which names are in demand on the app.

The survey was done in UK, Australia, US and India and the results are fascinating as the most popular name for girls on the dating app was Aanchal, which was followed by Sonal, Kritika, Sakshi, Himani, Sonam, Natasha, Sanjana, Shivani and Isha.

Meanwhile the list for men included Lalit, Joel, Kushagra, Junaid, Ryan, Sandip, Joshua, Amir, Satya and Michael. In US Hannah and Lucas topped the list while UK had Harry and Amelia.

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