Guys use Tinder dates to travel around Europe

The two youtubers got the idea after they started dating their girlfriends through Tinder

Dating has been taken to the next level with Tinder, meeting people and getting a match has become easier than before or so ever successful Tinder date says. Two youtubers took Tinder to the next level when they decided to travel to places just with Tinder and without any money.

The boys asked their Tinder dates if they would be willing to go out with them have to pay for everything too along with a local experience and most often than not they did. Matt and Ammar travelled to three European cities – Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona to use their Tinder profiles, maybe that’s where you could get the maximum dates.

While they only got a date early in the evening on the first night, they did end up getting a couch to sleep on and free food too. Day two went smoothly but day three was the best as their Tinder date took them around Paris and treated them to free French snacks too. Barcelona was no different as they created a ‘social group’ and earned themselves free food and couches.

The idea struck the duo after both of them started dating their girlfriends through Tinder and wondered if it would work to travel their way around. It looks like it was definitely worth the experience.

Watch their experience here:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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