Knight rider for a green cause

This Bengalurean will head out on a 194-day national cycling expedition on July 30.

A ‘trekky’ man-oeuvre, which mushroomed as a leeway to thwart monotony away is taking this 31-ear-old city techie places. Anil Prabhakar, a mechanical engineer by profession, has always been passionate about spreading a relevant fitness message — about the benefits of cycling among youngsters, and its feasibility as a mode for commute. The Bengalurean will chart out a solo 194 day all-India cycling expedition crowdfunding project spanning 12,000 plus km on July 30. In a candid chat, he tells us more...

“I’ve travelled across the world. Finding cyclists of all ages was common. But, in India, I’ve observed only young adults take to cycling. Not many kids or senior citizens actually go gearless. It’s a myth that people above a particular age would find it way too strenuous. I believe it’s one of the healthiest activities and one of the easiest ways to build up stamina. That’s when I decided, why not rustle up interesting stories with a message,” shares Anil, who will kick start the cycling expedition on July 30. The initiative, “Let’s All Cycle” predominantly aims to address about 40-50 schools and colleges across the country, and make way to a pollution-free environment. The expedition will cover Bengaluru-Hyderabad-Nagpur-Agra-Delhi-Chandigarh-Manali-Leh-Amritsar-Jaipur-Baroda-Mumbai-Goa and hit back to our city.

Aware that there are a couple of setbacks, which he wishes will get rectified soon, Anil adds, “Of course, I am aware of the lack of infrastructure in our country, But, the seed of thought can inculcate healthy habits and have a domino effect of positive outcomes. Young adolescents and teenagers need activities which will help them blow off some steam. I guess, this is probably the best way for parents to ensure their children indulge in physical activities, and yet save up on travel expenses!”

An adventure enthusiast, Anil believes he will find takers, and cycling is the way forward. Anil is also a part of Run Addicts group, a cycling group from Rajarajeshwari Nagar. “I love adventure and out door activities. I’m also an avid runner and love going on hikes and cycle trips,” he adds. The crowdfunding project will cost up-to '3,96,760. But, the cyclist hopes for the best. “Indians are aware of the myriad benefits, and we’re all moving to an open society. Fitter-modes of transport are the way forward. I’m sure to find takers. Let the journey begin.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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