Video: Man sets record for eating most 'bhut jolokia' chillies in 2 mins

He ate 121.9 gram ghost chillies in record time, and his reaction is chilling.

New York: Spicy food isn’t something most people can handle and the bhut jolokia, popularly known as ‘ghost chilly’, is one of the hottest chillies across the globe. While eating one can set your taste buds on fire, imagine what having over a 100 grams of these can do to you.

A man from Los Angeles decided to brave the fierce ghost chilly that measures over one million on the Scoville scale, and emerged victorious by setting a record for eating 121.90 grams of the bhut jolokia.

Kevin Strahle just took two minutes to eat the chillies that have left people with holes in the stomach and throat, but the reactions after he finished surely convey the agony he must’ve been in.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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