Video: Comfortable wearing a bikini in India? Here's what girls have to say

It's very interesting to see how girls have responded!

In India you hardly see a woman wearing a bikini on beach, of course Goa is an exception to this.

But the question is how very often do we see them donning a bikini and walking on the beach? Not very often right? Have you ever wondered why?

Wearing a bikini is still considered a taboo in India. If you wear a bikini to any other beach in India, you will surely receive various glances and there are high chances that police might ask you to leave on ‘moral’ grounds.

A Youtube channel So Effin Cray decided to know what women think about it and asked Indian girls if they were comfortable wearing one in India?

Many said that they wouldn’t mind wearing it but only in Goa.

It’s very interesting to see how girls have responded!

Click here to watch the video:

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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