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Leaders to note it’s just humour

Published May 19, 2019, 12:04 am IST
Updated May 19, 2019, 12:04 am IST
Such illiberal tactics to muzzle those who lampoon leaders in public life is a modern day phenomenon.
Politicians may be under greater pressure as they have to tend to what appears online too.
 Politicians may be under greater pressure as they have to tend to what appears online too.

The right to humour is what is at stake. Politicians are using any laws possible to stifle those who mock them even in the format of a cartoon, caricature or meme. The right to free speech is being throttled and a number of governments are to blame as they are clamping down even on good humour. The very pattern of arrests and harassment of cartoonists in many States in the last few years reflects growing intolerance among political leaders of dissent and criticism.

Such illiberal tactics to muzzle those who lampoon leaders in public life is a modern day phenomenon. Politicians may be under greater pressure as they have to tend to what appears online too. Anyone on the social media becomes a clever morphing artiste who can snip and paste images to create memes, some funny, but others not so tasteful like the one the BJP youth leader did to mock Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.


A number of people have seen the law book thrown at them if they so much as mocked the PM or a CM online. A time was when an Indian PM would convey how much he appreciated a newspaper cartoon even if it was taking a dig at him. The era of such sporting attitudes on the part of national leaders may have passed. But they must realise that as much as they enjoy public adulation and the trappings of power, they must also learn to take it when they are the target, particularly of good humnour.

Chowkidar Arun Jaitley@arunjaitley
Humour, wit, sarcasm survive in a free society. They have no place in autocracies. Dictators laugh at people. They don't like people laughing at them. Bengal, today is a case in point.

Divya Spandana/Ramya @divyaspandana
Jaitley ji, I agree with you but how come I was charged with sedition for this meme on Modi? Are you saying Modi is a dictator? …
So the @narendramodi interview with @NewsNationTV was *badly* scripted just like his other interviews,but here's proof!Pause the video at 3 seconds & take a good look, it has the question & *ahem* the answers too!Now you know why no press conference or debate with @RahulGandhi

Chowkidar Devika@Dayweekaa
That pic was not objectionable. There is way more objectional words and pics used for other politicians. SC judges have
disappointed every Indian today by asking for an apology. Shouldn’t have bowed down to Fascist Mamata.

Chowkidar Padmaja@prettypadmaja
Good that #PriyankaSharma got released unconditionally. In fact Mad Mamata should apologize for causing her arrest . Political Memes are used universally unless they are vulgar, racist or
horrifying one must take them sportingly.

shivank singh thakur@ShivankTh
Divya, I disagree with you. It's not ideology of @INCIndia . We believe in Gandhian philosophy. We are against distractive ideology rather than any individual.

Aditi @IndianAditi
I think in INDIA RULES ARE DIFFERENT FOR COMMON PEOPLE AND NETAS. When one neta abuses other in d name of rally, election, politics is justifiable.. but for a common person it’s a crime #MamtaBanerjee #ManiShankarAiyar

Chowkidar Deepak Singh @moiDeepak
Really I feel for Congress. No tactics is working in favour of them to spoil image of Modi and Rahul haven't succeeded in creating a persona which can challenge Modi's Brand Image. And sorry to say debate is between two intelligent minds and Raga is still immature in mundaneness

Sanjay Srivastava@svirtuoso2010
Priyanka Sharma should not apologize @MamataOfficial if Mamta Banerjee is not guilty of killing Hindus & appeasing Muslims then I strongly feel that even Priyanka is not guilty as she didn't kill anyone

The decision of the Supreme Court, requiring Priyanka Sharma to apologise in a “morphing” rather re-posting a pre-existing meme case, is not less laughable than the original judicial remand for 14 days! First, under the influence of Mamta & the second due to the fear of Mamta.

Vinay VS @VinayShindeBlr
Still!! arresting anyone over a sexist caricature is WRONG... We don't approve Charlie Hebdo attacks, similarly we can't approve state machinery to effect such arrests, under democracy.

Nikhil @Nikhil_J_D
Fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression is compromised. Respected Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's constitution is in danger.

K C Gupta@kichgup
It appears the SC judge lacks sense of is natural for anyone to make fun of persons in public one posts a meme of a private person. Did Mamata Banerjee herself complain against the accused? If not, judge must not assume so.

Ramesh Solanki@Rajput_Ramesh
A girl is sent to 14 days custody in Bengal for posting funny meme on @MamataOfficial , FoE goes for toss and liberals goes in hiding holes applying fevicol on their mouth. Is West Bengal a Nazi state and Mamata Lady Hitler ?  I stand and #ISupportPriyankaSharma @narendramodi