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Published on: November 17, 2018 | Updated on: November 17, 2018

Blogging is a phenomenon that is rising in importance day by day.

Voicing their opinion: The group of bloggers who took part in the panel discussion.

Voicing their opinion: The group of bloggers who took part in the panel discussion.

Blogging is today an important platform and respected for the impact and influence it creates. It helps writers keep their readers updated about their opinions, experiences and next projects, facilitates the two to stay in touch with each other and also reply to their queries and messages. 

A discussion between the bloggers of Hyderabad titled "How’s" and "Why’s" of blogging and everything else in Between! was held at a city mall on Saturday. The panel discussion by bloggers Aastha Meheshwari (travel), Anupama Dalmia (parenting and social issues), Atul Maharaj (food, travel and technology), Chandana Munipalle (fashion and travel), Namrata Sadhvani (parenting)  and Vishal Fernandes (travel and lifestyle) was moderated by Maitabi Banerjee, also a noted blogger and book reviewer.

Issues discussed included the mantra of writing a blog, the choice of topic, how they had the courage to continue writing despite criticism and also motivated them to start writing. 

"You can challenge me all through your comments, but I will stick by whatever I have written and give you a proper justification for what I have written," shared Namrata Sidhvani, a fearless blogger. Atul Maharaj believed, "When people start writing, they write for followers and they start digging into that angle so then they tend to write more for Google and not for the people. So my basic tip is to not write for Google. You should write for the people and if people like it, your articles will automatically be liked." 

Vishal Fernandes, who writes about travel blogs, was asked how people who had not travelled to the places he has been connected with him. "First of all it is my blog. This is me. These are the aspects of my life. And within time I have realised how people are really interested in what I write. It is about the way I write. My content is such that people get influenced and then travel to those places because of my writing. It feels great when such things happen," he responded. The event concluded with guests’ questions and an account by Andrew Fleming on how he got motivated and inspired to start writing.

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