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Meet Social Media's Influencer Rohit Roy aka Don Casanova

Published Oct 18, 2019, 12:17 pm IST
Updated Oct 18, 2019, 12:17 pm IST
Rohit Roy aka Don Casanova (Photo: File)
 Rohit Roy aka Don Casanova (Photo: File)

We are living in the digital world were internet carries a wide range of information for us, and it is incredible how we are so much addicted to consuming information from various places of the world at our fingertips. With the surge of the internet in India with social media apps, we too are seeing some fantastic talents from India. Some young ones are showing real influencing skills, a luxurious lifestyle, passion for a particular thing.

As we are talking about passion and Influencer, we want to introduce one real car lover who is crazy about beast machines and he is famous due to his love and passion for cars. Rohit Roy aka Don Casanova who is in the limelight on a social media platform and in real life for many reasons, he is a car lover who's passion is different, quite luxurious and fastest too. He has worlds best cars in his Garage, and his this passion has made him the most influencing person on social media as his young followers are always excited whenever he posts anything on his social media platform.

This lad is known for having some of the machines on the earth. Rohit Roy loves to keep some of the luxurious cars of our time like Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Bentley and many more and this are his favourite cars too.

It is not like he is just and car lover; he is an enthusiast who shares valuable information in the form of posts. Because of this, he comes in the best automobile influencer of India. He loves to travel around the places meet top delegates, and he also covers exclusive events which are related to today's luxurious cars.

One thing you will find in Rohit Roy, aka Don Casanova's cars is a vibrant blue colour. It is like Rohit Roy bleeds blue, this lad's all the beasts are blue. He uses his favourite colour with the right effect. His every post pictures and videos get a fantastic response on the social media platform. Rohit Roy is famous as Don Casanova on social media platform from the past few years. His popularity has grown at a rapid pace too. All though he doesn't need such popularity and all, as he is super-rich person and for him, all this luxury is part of life, and he never likes to show off things like others do in their life.

Being a car lover, Rohit Roy loves to go for road trips whenever he gets time from his work. He loves to feel the power of his best cars when it's on-road by enjoying nature and for him, it is the best feeling he can have. It makes him fresh when he goes for a drive in his cars enjoying nature and beautiful places.



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