Strokes of significance!

Artists in Bengaluru are expressing themselves on various sensitive issues.

A picture is worth thousand words, goes an age-old English idiom. Turns out, young city artists and illustrators vouch for the same, as strokes of significance seem to be ruling the art roost. From touching upon issues pertinent to mental health – depression, anxiety and stress – to the #MeToo wave, which swept across the globe and had skeletons tumbling out of the closets; we find out more...

“Art is expressive. It transcends the limitations of language and connects with emotions directly. I try to express the undefined facets of depression and freedom through my creations. My Instagram page is filled with #depression series. Personally, it is very liberating, and fortunately people have shown support and I’ve had some really interesting revelations on the comments section,”begins Deepayan Roy, a city-based artist. For popular Instagram illustrator and Bengalurean Shikha Nambiar, her passion offers her the opportunity to shame double standards. Speaking of a recent personal project which garnered over 200+ likes online; she says, “I made one illustration when the whole story about the comedian Utsav Chakraborty broke out. I just wanted to portray how some famous people pretend to care about the feminist oriented causes in general, but in reality are shallow and hypocritical.” Sandalwood actress Samuykta Hornad is popular for her cutesy doodles. But, turns out, the artist loves to sketch about issues that also shed light on the gnawing realities in today’s day and age.

“Most of my artwork has sprouted out of frustration. As a woman, there are so many things that bother you which you can’t necessarily speak about. In the past, I’ve sketched on different kinds of trauma that most women silently endure- be it the void that fills post a miscarriage or in general what women empowerment means. I’m also looking forward to putting together a social themed exhibit towards the end of this month, which will feature works by artists who are on the lookout for a channel to shed light on topics that have stories to tell,” she concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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