The bunking joints!

Published May 18, 2016, 12:32 am IST
Updated May 18, 2016, 7:29 am IST
College students in the city talk about their favourite hangouts and why they love chilling there.
Desserted is a  popular hangout for MCC students
 Desserted is a popular hangout for MCC students

Ask any college graduate and they will tell you college life is not about the classrooms but about the hours spent sitting in hangouts around college. It is where the memories are formed over steaming cups of coffee, that local chat or a plate of maggi and smoldering cigarette ends. With the new college session around the corner, here’s a lowdown on the places to be for friendship, food and more.

If you are one of a gaggle of girls from Mount Carmel College head to Desserted. Located on the 8th main road (popularly known as Loafers Lane)   opposite Mount Carmel College, this semi-outdoors café is quaint and charming. Nydile Ranganathan, the president of the student union, Mount Carmel College, swears by the red velvet cake at Desserted. “We often have our informal student union meetings at Desserted. The red velvet cake there is the best pick-me-up after classes,”  says the sprightly Carmelite. “The Mexican chat joint is also one of our go-to places” adds Nydile.


The Christ-ites flock to a small Tibetan food joint, Peace restaurant, for their favourite staple Thukpa. The students vouch for the good food and the chilled out ambience, as they can spend hours sitting there discussing the latest break-up or mull over extra assignments.

Juicy’s, a  small juice and sandwich place near Christ University is the smoker’s haven. Varsha, a second year student at Christ University says, “Juicy’s is where everyone goes for a sutta and sandwiches.”

Mud Pipe, is a regular haunt for students of CMS Jain. Located on Cunningham Road, it is a stone’s throw away from Sigma Mall. Nishrith, a 3rd year student of CMS Jain college says “If you do a head count of people sitting in Mud Pipe on any given day, you will probably find a majority of students from Jain.” Apart from the Hookah which is a major draw, the place is also famous for its mud shake and cottage panini.

Auntie’s shop near Jain VV Puram is just as popular, but poles apart, it is famous for its maggi noodles and the staircase that forms part of the seating. Till date, students that have passed out or are at other colleges go there once in a while out of sheer nostalgia.

The oreo shake at SK Bakery in the by-lane near St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science is a rite of passage for any Josephite. CR Anthony who owns the tiny bakery says, “Nearly 500 students from St Joseph’s come in everyday. These kids are the life of this place.”

The students of MSRIT flock to Kargeens, a hookah joint with unique swing seating. “We hop in during lunch break or when we are bunking. They have cool board games which you can play while you puff on a hookah,” reveals Medha, an electronics and communication engineering student at MSRIT.

Now that you have the Marauder’s map to all the places to be, it’s time to hit these spots and chill out.