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For the ladies, OORU is a charm

Published Mar 18, 2019, 12:01 am IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 12:05 am IST
The Garden City takes top spot in a recent study titled Migration — A Women’s Perspective.
A file photograph of a young woman living in the city. Used for representative purposes only.
 A file photograph of a young woman living in the city. Used for representative purposes only.

The prospect of packing up all your belongings and moving to a new city seems exciting, doesn’t it? With the country offering so many cities to migrate to, women are spoilt for choice. Yet, what are the features that are a part of that checklist which helps one make a decision? Is it safety, job opportunities, costs, academics, community or housing? Nestaway’s recent study “Migration — A Women’s Perspective” delves into the key considerations and issues faced by single women while moving into a new city. The report also states that Bengaluru is the most preferred city for single women. While most women migrated here due to marriage, the report suggests that women are now looking for job opportunities and academics in the Garden City due to various factors. Surprisingly, even with the traffic snarls and bad roads, its weather, openness and competitive work environment are what make it livable. What motivates a young woman to pack up and move to Bengaluru. City professionals explore why the Garden City is their ideal choice.

Model Madhumita De moved from Shillong to Bengaluru for academics, and to pursue a career in modelling, she reveals, “Shillong is quite backwards when it comes to job opportunities. The weather in Bengaluru was one of the biggest pull factors for me as I have visited other cities like Mumbai and Delhi. I came to Bengaluru for academics and modelling happened on its own. When compared to other cities, this city is more balanced. Since I work long hours, safety is not really a concern as I have a cab that picks and drops me during late hours. The people here are very friendly. Since my job entails I be a part of late parties, I can definitely vouch that the friends that I have made here will help me out when I’m stranded.”

Ranjana Das, an analyst for a leading firm in the city avers, “South India is definitely safer than the North. In academics too, Bengaluru has far more opportunities when compared to Chhattisgarh where I am from. When it comes to internships and the quality of studies here, it is superior. In Chhattisgarh, options to work in the private sector are limited while government jobs are aplenty. In just two months, I got my first job after studying. Unlike the north, there is no issue of being bullied or eve-teased in Bengaluru.”

For Rebecca Kurian, an IT professional who moved here for studies, “Bengaluru is a city that is good for women to start their careers. My first job happened right after I finished college. I first looked at safe housing options and job opportunities. I work with technology, so I couldn’t think of any other city to start my career at. I live alone with my dog. So far, I have always had amazing landlords who have looked out for me and I can vouch for the community I live in.”


The liberal and simplistic nature of the city and its job prospects are what people love. Sociologist Swati C elaborates, “With migration, there is a push and pull factor. The pull is that it has an ecosystem with big organisations. There is also a technical requirement in lower and middle levels who need women with the patience to do the assembling work. Due to migration, there has been an increase in the socio-economic status of the people here. The weather conditions are favourable to industries,  it is a major pull. Though, I have found that cab drivers in Hyderabad are better educated, and well equipped to handle trips with women. This is one aspect where Bengaluru needs to improve on.”  And the infrastructure too!




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